St. Petersburg Photo Studio Photographs Custom Movie Props

Saint Pete Photo was commissioned by Johnson Arms to create high-quality photographs of the custom prop weapons they design for the film industry, including futuristic guns for movies, photography studios and cosplayers. Litewave Media, a Saint Pete Photo partner, was on hand to shoot video footage for the client as well.

The Johnson Arms ladies of the apocalypse.

“We jumped at the chance,” says Saint Pete Photo founder Christian Schwier. “We’ve always enjoyed grindhouse cinema and zombie flicks. The strong leading female characters in movies like Resident Evil or Underworld have always inspired our photography team.  So we wanted to do a photo shoot with strong female characters.” Brian Johnson supplied the St. Petersburg photographers with all of the prop weapons to transform the female models into über badasses.

Covert Sniper, Maylin Martinez Morera.

The crew for the professional St. Petersburg photography shoot was extensive. Schwier led a crew of seven as well as five models to create a post apocalyptic set complete with costumes and make-up. “We used everything from tattered American flags and racks full of guns to military camouflage and large chains hanging from the ceiling,” Schwier explains. “The space we were in had old textured brick walls from Tampa’s early days. So we used that as the starting point for the set.”

Tank Girl, Rachel Simone Lappé.

Shot at a partner photography studio in Ybor City, the Tampa professional photographers spent a whole day shopping for set and costume pieces at several thrift stores and a couple of army navy stores.  “We wanted the look to be as authentic as possible,” says Schwier.

Steampunk Pirate, Candy LeRae.

The photography equipment was as varied as the crew and included a Canon 7D with a slew of lenses: 100mm 2.8L Macro, 16-35mm 2.8L, 24-70mm 2.8L, 70-200mm 2.8L. A Rokinon 8mm Fisheye Lens was also used for some extreme photo effects shots.

Anime School Girl, Mai Tran.

The photos will be edited at our St. Petersburg photography studio, and then used by Johnson Arms on their website and social media sites. “They really wanted photographs that highlighted the intricate details of the painting and prop construction, and these photos really show what they’re capable of creating,” says Schwier. “We’ve used their props in our films before and look forward to seeing what they create for our next film, The Skyship Chronicles.”

The crew and models from the Johnson Arms shoot.

If you need high-quality photographs of items you’ve created or designed, we’d love to talk to you. Email us for a free consultation and be sure to “like” our page on Facebook.

As a bonus, here’s some video footage of the shoot!

Johnson Arms: Custom Weapons – Featuring the Apocalypse Girls from ChristianSchwier | LitewaveMedia on Vimeo.

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St. Petersburg Photography Studio Photographs Santa for a Great Cause

Our St. Petersburg photographers recently created a winter wonderland right in the middle of the Florida summer, all to support a great cause!

Saint Pete Photo was tapped by frequent partner, Pinstripe Marketing, to shoot photos of Santa and his helper, Sparkle the Elf, for The Christmas Toy Shop, a non-profit all-volunteer organization that provides new and refurbished toys to children in south Pinellas County.

Santa Jim Trubey opens his sack for toys donated to The Christmas Toy Shop

Founded in 1921, The Christmas Toy Shop served over 2,350 children last year, providing thousands of toys and giving out over 510 bikes and trikes. Volunteers clean and repair gently used toys allowing the organization to collect and distribute as many toys as possible.

Saint Pete Photo Creative Director and Costume Designer Jeff Zampino created the set and designed costumes that made it easy for professional Santa Jim Trubey and his elf, played by Rachel Lappe, to get into the Christmas spirit, despite the heat and humidity.

Santa Jim Trubey and his elf, Rachel Lappe, take a perfect picture

Using a Canon EOS 7D with Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L and Canon 16-35mm f/2.8L lenses, Saint Petersburg photographer Christian Schwier shot the images in RAW format to provide extra latitude in post processing in Adobe Photoshop.

The photos will be used on The Christmas Toy Shop’s Web site, as well as in promotional posters and materials designed to raise funds and awareness about the group’s work, which includes the need for volunteers to help clean, refurbish and wrap toys in time for Christmas.

Santa Jim Trubey welcomes toys and volunteers for The Christmas Toy Shop

Happy to support such a worthwhile effort, our St. Petersburg, FL photography studio gladly offered its Community Partner rate to the non-profit. “It was a lot of fun getting into the Christmas spirit a little early this year,” says St. Petersburg photographer Schwier. “We really enjoy supporting the Saint Petersburg community and this shoot was for a great cause. If we can help put smiles on a few extra faces this holiday season, it makes it all worth it.”

Jim Trubey as Santa gets caught with the cookie plate.

If you have a holiday project you’d like to capture on film, e-mail us
for a free consultation.

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Saint Pete Photo Brings Zombies to Life for 2013 Calendar

Who needs kittens and butterflies to keep track of the date when you can have classic Grindhouse zombie mayhem? Our St. Petersburg, FL photographers are hard at work creating the 2013 Zombie Apocalypse Calendar.

A test shot with one of our zombie slayer models for the calendar.

From photography and photo re-touching, Saint Pete Photo is doing it all for this one-of-a-kind calendar. Photographer Christian Schwier describes the photos as, “Night of the Living Dead meets Resident Evil with a little bit of Lollipop Chainsaw Anime flair.”

Using local Tampa Bay actors and locations, the photo shoots are planned for different locations across the Bay. Storyboard concepts for settings include building roofs, swamps, the woods, and city streets—all great venues for epic zombie battles. “We’re even planning to have a zombie king riding a horse in one of the scenes,” adds Schwier. “Between the high-end photography equipment and our special effects make-up, the battles will really come to life on the page.”

A pre-production promo photo for the calendar.

The St. Petersburg photographers that will be capturing the zombies in action include lead photographer Schwier, photography assistant Jamie Parslow, make-up artist Anya Yuschenko, and set designer Jeff Zampino.

Test shot with one of our zombie slayer models for the calendar

In order to share the calendar with as many people as possible, a campaign has been created to allow the zombie fan community to participate in the process by contributing funds for props, prosthetic zombie make-up, costumes and printing.

Expect the calendars in time for Christmas, but be sure to get in on the early bird promotion by visiting the Zombie Calendar Project Page.

Watch a cool movie starring all of our Zombies!

If you’re looking to create your own calendar for 2013, our Tampa photography studio can provide the guidance and talent to get it done right. E-mail for a free consultation.

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Saint Pete Photo Photographs the Scions of Steampunk

The photographers from our Tampa photo studio traveled all the way to Dallas, TX for a shoot with the crew of the legendary Airship Isabella.  A group of talented artists, actors, performers, and designers dedicated to sharing the joys of Steampunk, Airship Isabella is involved in every aspect of the art form— publishing, film, fashion, and live entertainment.

The Airship Isabella crew in the workshop.

For those who haven’t yet heard of Steampunk, some describe it as a blend of science fiction and fantasy with a Victorian twist. Airship Isabella creates custom design Steampunk costumes and props for films, festivals, conventions, and other events. Airship Isabella’s crew has been featured in numerous TV shows, which helps to spread their mission: to share their knowledge of Steampunk with others and to encourage people to create something wonderful by combining their imaginations with new-found information and tools.

In addition to shooting still images and candids of the Steampunk members of Airship Isabella, our St. Petersburg, FL photographers explored their workshop where their costumes and props are designed and built.  The pictures were shot on a Canon 7D camera and lenses included the Canon 16-35mm 2.8L, 24-70mm 2.8L and a 70-200mm 2.8 L.  Photographer Christian Schwier and photography assistant Jamie Parslow joined in on the fun, donning Steampunk costumes and paraphernalia.

One of the Airship Isabella Steampunkers in full attire.

The photographs, shot at the group’s Texas headquarters, will be used to promote an upcoming Steampunk documentary being produced by Tampa video production company Litewave Media. Dr. Fantastique’s Show of Wonders, a popular Steampunk magazine, also plans to use one of the images for an upcoming cover photo.

The Saint Pete Photo crew with Airship Isabella

Stay tuned because you never know when our professional Tampa photographers may jump in the car and travel to New Orleans to investigate Airship Isabella’s new Steampunk workshop opening this month!

If you have a photography project in the St. Petersburg or Tampa Bay Florida area and would like a photo studio with an innovative touch, please e-mail us at for a consultation with one of our St. Petersburg, FL photographers.

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Saint Pete Photo to Publish Cross-Country Photography Book

Saint Pete Photo is publishing a cross-country photography book later this year comprised of landscape and architectural photos from New Mexico, Arizona, California, Louisiana and Nevada.

The sun peeks through a tree on the edge of the Grand Canyon.

 “I’ve always wanted to explore the U.S. and photograph as I went,” says Saint Pete Photo founder Christian Schwier, a professional Tampa photographer for over seven years. “The open roads and countryside were beautiful. It really inspired our photography team to keep shooting.”

The majesty of a single limb hanging over the Grand Canyon.

Always experimenting to create unique images, Christian and the team captured photos from the street to the sky using a Canon 7D camera with a variety of lenses including: Canon’s 16-35mm 2.8L, 24-70mm 2.8L and Rokinon’s 8.5mm fish-eye. The team’s drive to produce interesting photography has helped Saint Pete Photography become known as Tampa’s most innovative photography studio.

A meteor crater from the North Arizona desert.

“We got pictures of every state sign along the way,” Christian says. He and assistants Jeff Zampino and Jamie Parslow took over 3000 photos and says that the Grand Canyon was the highlight of the trip. “The New Mexican desert also provided a great backdrop for some amazing photographs,” he shares. “The long exposure shots in the desert turned out so well because there is very little light pollution, and the stars are extra bright.” Along with shots of the Milky Way, they also caught a shooting star.

A shooting star caught in the New Mexican desert.

The photography crew promises the book will be top-notch and plans for it to be available in time for the holidays.

Capturing the color of the Grand Canyon.

If you are involved in a photography project, let our Tampa photography studio help you make it the best it can be. E-mail to schedule a consultation.

The mountains near Flagstaff Arizona.

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Saint Pete Photo Captures Making of Short Film

Saint Pete Photo principle photographer, Christian Schwier, has been invited to be a judge for this year’s 2012 Guerrilla Film Challenge (GFC). In honor of the contest, our Tampa photo studio, Saint Pete Photo, is sharing behind-the scenes photographs from last year (from the award-winning 2011 GFC film: Battle for Earth).

Two of the stars from Battle for Earth ponder a new world.

Photographed on set by Tampa photographer and Saint Pete Photo team member, Keljean Connolly, the pictures of cast and crew, as well as live action shots, were used to promote the short film in traditional and social media. The photos were also used in making the film’s Bluray and DVD covers and poster art.

Lead actor Adam Crain studies his trusty power source.

A grueling 2-day filmmaking contest, the Guerrilla Film Challenge taps the creative power of filmmakers from around the world to write, shoot, edit and deliver a short film in one weekend. In 2011, there were over 150 films, from 17 countries, created by more than 1000 filmmakers, actors, and crew.

Actors Adam Crain and Ann P having some fun off camera.

Our Tampa photographers kept pace with the cast and crew of over 20 people as they shadowed the video production around Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg, Florida.  Hundreds of photos were snapped with our Nikon D90 camera and a Canon 7D camera – used for their lightweight and speed.  Our photographers captured a variety of scenes from the film as well as an eclectic mix of candid photos. A number of high speed prime lenses, including the 50mm 1.4 Nikkor and the 100mm 2.8L Canon Macro, were used to capture studio quality photographs in the various low light situations.

Saint Pete Photo captures the camera operators from behind the scenes.

Being hired as the set photographer for Battle for Earth was one of the most demanding assignments our Tampa photographers have ever had. But the results prove why Saint Pete Photo is Tampa’s premiere photography studio!

If you are in need of a photographer for your film or video event, please e-mail for a quote.

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