St. Petersburg Photography Studio Photographs New Steampunk Movie

Film and video production partner Litewave Media hired our professional Saint Petersburg photographers to capture some behind-the-scenes photos of their next film, The Skyship Chronicles, a Steampunk action-adventure. The photos will be used for marketing the film and storyboarding, as well as testing how costumes, props and locations will look prior to filming.

Tommie Turvey as stunt double for Gustav.

Day one of shooting took place at Tommie Turvey’s Equine Extremist Liberty Horse Ranch in Brooksville, FL. “The day consisted of scouting locations and photographing scenes where two of the actors are chased by a horse ridden by the evil Gustav (Ed Olson),” explains Saint Pete Photo founder, Christian Schwier.

Christian Cashmir as the airship pirate Lucius Black, with Rachel Simone Lappe as Alex.

Horse stuntman Tommie Turvey was the stunt double for Gustav and performed all of the stunts with his horse, Blade, who has starred in various films and TV shows like AMC’s The Walking Dead and Jonah Hex. Actress Rachel Simone Lappe and Costume Designer Bridget Desjarlais were also on set to rehearse and work with Tommie and Blade before filming began.

“We filmed in close quarters with the horse chasing and rearing up at the girls. Blade got extremely close to them—it looks very intimidating on film,” says Schwier a St. Petersburg photographer for more than seven years. “He may look fierce on film but he’s a big softy at heart. Blade is one of the most well-mannered horses we’ve ever seen.”

Our actress, Rachel Simone Lappé, playing the heroine Alex.

Bridget got to see her costumes in action since most of the characters were clad in her designs. “It gave her great insight as to what adjustments needed to be made for filming as well as some ideas for the other characters’ costumes,” adds Schwier.

Our St. Petersburg photography company with the cast and crew.

The second day of shooting took place in a Tampa photography studio where three scenes were set up and filmed.  “We did a brain dissection, an interrogation, and a death scene,” explains Schwier.  Bridget stepped in on this photo shoot to play a beautiful woman having her brain dissected by the evil Gustav. Bridget’s husband, Stephen Desjarlais was also on set to stand in and facilitate the dissection.

Costume designer, Bridget Desjarlais, as a beautiful woman being dissected by the evil Gustav.

Stephen also helped craft a Steampunk mask that he and the film’s Writer/Producer, Jeff Zampino, built.  “It was constructed from an old gasmask by taking bits and pieces away and adding tubing and some other Steampunk elements,” Schwier says. “It turned out great and filmed really well- fortunately since it took Stephen and Jeff almost two hours to build it!”

The Skyship Chronicles’ writer, Jeff Zampino, with the evil Gustav.

Our St. Petersburg portrait photographers shot with the Canon 7D and used a variety of lenses and a slider dolly to get some moving shots. “The film crew was really happy with the photography,” says Schwier. “We’re thrilled to be adding film work to our Tampa photography portfolio. The movie will be shot with a RED scarlet Camera in 4k and these stills are reflective of the high definition quality they’ll see on film.”

Here’s a look at some of the test footage for the film:

The Skyship Chronicles [Test Footage Trailer] from ChristianSchwier | LitewaveMedia on Vimeo.

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