St. Petersburg Photographers Capture South Tampa Architecture

Once again, Soleil Design Build, Inc. turned to our St. Petersburg photography studio to capture the beauty of their exquisite home designs. A design-build firm that specializes in both new home and remodeling construction, Soleil builds only in South Tampa, Florida, to ensure the highest quality control for all of their work.

A low angle showcases one of Soleil Design Build's South Tampa masterpieces.

One of Soleil's unique dining room designs.

“This photography project, which consisted of about six new houses, was all about the architecture,” says Saint Pete Photo principal, Christian Schwier. “We’ve come to specialize in architecture photography where it’s important to find the perfect angles to complement the design itself.”

A wide angle photo captures this open space architectural design.

Even this small nook gets a unique make-over design by Soleil.

Using a Canon 7D Camera with Canon 16-35mm f/2.8L, Canon 24-105 f/4 L IS,  Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L and Rokinon Fisheye lenses,  Schwier explored different angles to find the perfect shot. With the help of photography assistants, Jamie Parslow and Rachel Lappe, our St. Petersburg photographers identified the best lighting to produce high-quality stills for the client.

A luxurious kitchen design by the Soleil architecture team.

A great night's sleep is guaranteed in this modern bedroom design.

In addition to new construction and remodeling, Soleil Design Build’s talents include interior design and architectural imports. “They do magnificent work,” Schwier says. “We’ve partnered with them on a number of projects and look forward to building their architectural photography portfolio, as well as helping them to create a new web site design that really showcases their talent and unique sense of design.”

The small powder room in this lovely South Tampa home.

A colorful and intimate living room design by Soleil.

If you’re looking to showcase your architecture design through photography, e-mail us at for a free consultation. And to be a part of all of our fun projects, like our Facebook page. Until next time, ready, set, shoot!

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