St. Petersburg Photography Studio Captures The Beauty of Nevada

Saint Pete Photo has completed another chapter for its Cross Country photography book! On a recent trip to Nevada, the St. Petersburg photography crew discovered an abundance of magnificent landscapes, beautiful rock formations and stunning night skies. These photos will complement the other locations, like New York City and the Southwest, already slated to be in the coffee table photography book.

The night sky lighting up the horizon in Nevada.

Many of the photos were taken in The Valley of Fire, the oldest and largest Nevada State Park, where petrified wood and 3,000-year-old petroglyphs offer visitors a glimpse into ancient life.

Petrified wood in the Valley of Fire.

The park has been home to many film productions over the years, including Star Trek: Next Generation, Total Recall and Transformers.

Another stunning portrait from the Valley of Fire.

Accompanied by photography assistant, Rachel Lappe, Saint Pete Photo founder, Christian Schwier, was amazed at the amount of photo opportunities.  “We explored dirt roads and climbed the countless rock formations we found to capture our images. The landscape was breath-taking – nothing like Florida!” he says.”

St. Petersburg photography studio owner, Christian Schwier and photography assistant, Rachel Lappe.

This was the inaugural shoot for Saint Pete Photo’s brand new Canon 5D Mark III camera. “It was amazing to see how well it performed,” says Schwier, a St. Petersburg professional photographer for seven years. “It’s really great in low light so we were able to keep shooting even after the sun had set.”

The first hint of the Nevada sunset.

Canon 16-35mm f/2.8L and Canon 24-105 f/4 L IS lenses were used, along with a Manfrotto travel tripod for the long exposure night shots. “Believe it or not, an iPhone flash lit up the scene of the long exposure night shot in the foreground to give the road some light among the stars,” he adds.

The magnificent rocks outside Las Vegas.

Pleased to have more photos for the book, Schwier hopes to return and explore more of the area.” “The park was huge and we look forward to coming back soon and spending more time in the area.  Who knows what other great locations might turn up in the photo book!”

Red rocks taken from a wide angle.

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